How Do We Define A Plumber?

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To define or the definition of a plumber, is a tradesperson that installs and maintains systems used for water, sewage and drainage systems, and has attended a course or courses, as a result to achieve a standard of proficiency to install and maintain these plumbing systems.

We can define a plumber that has the ability to do the following..

Installation and maintenance of plumbing systems also require the installer to be qualified therefore, licensed to be able to undertake such work.

The skills required


A plumber has the skills to diagnose plumbing appliances problems, Also with the ability to repair or replace any defaults in the plumbing system. The ability to test systems using air and pressure guages. To be able to join pipes or pipework and fittings together using soldering techniques, threaded fittings, push or compression fittings.


A plumber has the skills to read and understand drawings or plans and layouts of plumbing systems. With the ability to locate and mark positions for pipe work, connections or fittings. As a result to measure and mark them accurately and implement them in line with building regulations and safety standards.

The word Plumber

This word plumber dates back to the Roman Empire and is the latin word for ‘lead’ which is ‘plumbum’ .

Lead was used in lead conduits, drain pipes and lead pipe work to carry water.

In medieval times often a man working with lead was referred to as a plumber. This was a person that was skilled in working with lead was first known as a ‘Plumbarious’ which was later shortened to plumber.

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