What Is Powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a method to clean a central heating system. This is important for the efficiency of your heating system by means of using a machine to pump pressurized water though the heating system.
Over time the water in a heating system becomes contaminated and can cause problems with a heating system.

Having a contaminated or a blocked heating system can end up costing more in heating bills and also can end up with a damaged heating water system. For example over time a dirty water system can damage the water pump or even a boiler that is not running efficiently.

Why Do We Powerflush?

Power flushing is the most effective way to thoroughly clean and flush a dirty heating system.

When Do We Need To Powerflush

How to tell if your water heating system needs powerflushing or a power flush.
These are some of the symptoms to look out for.

  1. Some or one of the radiators don’t seem to work as well as others. This will seem apparent when one or more rooms seem colder than others.
  2. One or more of the radiators are cold at the bottom and warm at the top only.
  3. The heating system takes a longer to warm up than usual.
  4. Radiators that need frequently bleeding to release air in the heating system is caused by water that has become dirty or contaminated over time.
  5. The boiler can make unusual noises. Generally could be caused either by a build up of dirty water causing air in the system or a blockage in the systems water flow.

Checking the heating system

Some of the equipment or tools that can be used to check your system are a therbility tube or using an infrared thermometer to check the systems quality.

Powerflush a system.

An expansion pipe and the cold feed must be caped off if the system is open.
The powerflush machine is then coupled in to the system and all of the overflow pipes attached to the system. The dump pipes ,water inlet and overflow hoses are also connected to the powerflush system. The dump pipe is navigated to an external drain to dump the dirty water.
All radiater and lock shield valves are opened and then set zone valves to manual position if needed to allow a nice flow throughout the system. Power flushing with the machine can now begin..

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We recommend that this procedure is best done by a professional engineer with the correct equipment.
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